ZOA Supports Jewish Freedom at the Annual Israel Day Parade in NYC

Harvey Bell is a New Jersey resident who has a long history of community involvement and professional success. In addition to supporting many community-minded organizations, Harvey Bell sits on the board of directors for the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), an American-based organization that promotes the re-establishment of the Jewish state and protects Jewish people and Israel from boycotts and antisemitism.

Since its founding in 1897, ZOA has been working toward its mission by commenting on legislation and other business activities related to antisemitism and participating in many pro-Israel and Jewish pride events. One such event is the Israel Day Parade that is held in New York City every June. The largest pro-Israel gathering in the world, the event draws tens of thousands of individuals and groups, one of which is ZOA.

The Israel Day Parade has been held every year in New York City since 1964. It is a free event for ZOA members, students, and other community activists dedicated to showing their support for Israel. The march celebrates the Jewish state, along with its people and accomplishments. It is a powerful event that gives Israel activists plenty of opportunities to network with fellow activists who share their support of Jewish freedom.

Those who march with ZOA receive a T-shirt with an important Zionist message that members share via their participation in the event.

Harvey Bell serves as a managing director, team leader, and senior portfolio manager with Morgan Stanley in West Orange, New Jersey.